Improve Sales Figures Using Home Remodeling Catalogs

When it comes to showcasing your home remodeling portfolio, printing catalogs is the best way to go. Customers will perceive your business as a legitimate and reliable one if you present them with these prints, rather than improvised albums full of pictures. Catalog prints also allow you to showcase your entire remodeling portfolio as well as include value-added contents that your customers will love to browse. Full color print catalogs will make your customers enjoy browsing so this is one way to keep them interested in your services.

Catalog Printing Design Tips for the Home Remodelers

o Give your customers a glimpse of what’s inside your catalog prints. You can do this by printing sections and a few photos of the things that they can see in the inside pages. It’s much like a magazine cover actually. You can also include a simple table of contents on your cover. Of course, you should not forget to put your business name and tagline on the covers.

o When featuring remodeling projects, be sure to include various photos for each. There should be a snap shot from every angle and section. For example, if you are showcasing a kitchen design, you can have a large photo of the entire kitchen. Then, add smaller photos showing each section in the kitchen. There should be a photo of the sink, the countertops, the overhead cabinets, the cabinets under the sink, etc.

o Before and after really works when showcasing remodeling portfolio so never forget to include these. You can feature some of your successful projects as well as include testimonials from the clients.

o It is also important to give out important information about each photo included in your catalogs. You don’t need a comprehensive explanation. Just a sentence or two stating the significance of the photo.

o You can also include tips and suggestions at the latter parts of your catalogs. DIY tips and suggestions on how to redecorate small rooms or decorate on little budget. If you are distributing your catalog prints, these will give the readers reasons to hold on to their copies.